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Engine Components
Engine Internals
Power Adders
Supercharger Pulleys /Pulley Systems
Reprogrammed PCM's
Camshafts/Valvetrain Components
Exhaust Systems/Headers
Air Induction
Cooling System/Fuel System
Suspension and Braking
Performance Packages

Welcome to our Storefront!

Welcome to 3800 Performance's all-new and vastly-improved storefront. We've enhanced our storefront in a number of ways:

  • freshened up the 3800 Performance logo
  • freshened up our layout and the navigation throughout
  • all new graphics and images throughout
  • no more frames! no more 2nd window during checkout!
  • each product category now breaks down into vehicle-specific subcategories
  • newly-added categories to further organize our 180+ products
  • added an advanced UPS module to provide real-time shipping estimates
  • added a shopping cart "running subtotal" display to keep track of your current order
  • added a global shipping rates display for you to check shipping costs while you shop
  • custom dual-column category layout to show more products on the screen at one time
  • custom product layout design

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